Wednesday, 10 March 2010

elliott smith - bits and pieces

how could we say when does an artists have been around too long? I don't know, but for sure I can think of some cases. and on the other hand, when can we say that an artist "left us too soon"? some may say it has nothing do to with the quality of the "product" of the artist, but somehow with how much it fulfilled the needing that his fans have of him/her.
elliott smith left us way too soon, there's no doubt about it, and in his case there's a fascinating fact. his fans never stopped looking for more recordings and footage. it usually happens in a collectible/sterile way, but in his name it's more of a gathering to help each other to get over it. this is why after the last and posthumous "new moon" (2007) we can have three new full length of quite often indite songs. and they are all free online. for lovers and fans.

it's a great gesture of affection, deep sympathy and community. something he would have probably appreciated.

click to download:
- "basement tapes Unreleased/Suppressed" (2001-2003)
- "confusion: live unreleased songs" (1994-2003) part 1
- "confusion: live unreleased songs" (1994-2003) part 2
- "complete live covers" part 1
- "complete live covers" part 2
- "complete live covers" part 3

ps- same old story for the video. if you want to see the also the right side of it, click on it and watch it on youtube. HD also available.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

cardinals in - hotel rules

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