Thursday, 1 April 2010

my kid could paint that (2007)

I found this documentary some time ago, years after it was presented. the trailer at the end of this post describes the story well enough.
I guess what makes some documentaries important is the gift of the director to "smell" the story before it actually becomes worth it. what makes it exceptional thou is the ability of the director to focus his position about it without interfering with ours (audience).
Amir Bar-Lev is particularly successful in this. He was there from the very beginning, he gives the elements of the story and he state his presence in the scene, and I found this very honest of him. the story involves a little girl and he questions the moral aspects of the documentary itself.
obviously every director intrisecally gives a "cut" to his material, few seconds more on the eyes of a person or few less can really change the perception that we have about him/her, but Bar-Lev calls his presence. and this is important for whoever is watching the movie.
I really suggest watching the extras of the dvd, they give further elements to question the world of art and the story itself.