Saturday, 26 January 2008

gigi consiglia christopher stewart

gigi ha fatto un post di quelli che piacciono a noi di goodthingsaregone, meritandosi il privilegio di diventare coautore.
riposto qui il suo commento al post precendente.

ever ever

una pozzanghera nasconde un'altra pozzanghera
un trauma segue a volte un altro trauma

ecco un pezzo di un libro di christopher stewart sul signore della guerra serbo Arkan, un libro bellissimo che consiglio agli amici.

"I met Arkan – or at least his shadow – on a sweltering summer train ride through war-battered Serbia. It was July 1998 and and my girlfriend and I had been backpacking through Europe for about a month. Most of the trip was like any other post-college adventure – sun-burned days spent wandering ancient streets, boozy nights in tiny cafes lit by strings of naked bulbs, dancing that went too late, the occasional Gypsy run-in, hangovers that didn’t quit – until Arkan’s men entered our world and changed everything.Arkan was a Serbian warlord. Images of his baby-face had been appearing regularly on CNN and BBC that summer and much of the world, including the United States, believed that he and his private militia, the Tigers, were responsible for torturing, raping and killing thousands in the Balkan wars of the early 1990s. There was also talk of other criminal exploits, how, in an earlier life, he had been one of Europe’s most prolific thieves, a Communist hitman, an escape artist, and an international mob boss on the scale of Al Capone. The general feeling now was that Arkan had to pay for his crimes, all of them — or be killed. But Arkan didn’t give a damn about what anyone said. He divided the world into strong men and weak men who did the strong men’s bidding and he lived his life accordingly."

Ciao a tutti, ever ever


Fibo said...

NICE Blog :)

d a v i d e said...

glad you like it, we'd probably better post more in english, since we all use it without many problems.
I may add that at least two of us in here are fibonacci fans.