Friday, 19 December 2008

pas/cal "I Was Raised on Matthew, Mark, Luke & Laura"

when a review of an album starts with "Too few people will pick up this album. It's a sad fact, but it's true"... well... I start to be seriously interested.
'cos most of the bands I love give me exactly that feeling, being it idaho or the slightly more famous guided by voices and so on (you can find both of them in the player here on your right). anyway, I bought the record and I found something funny.
bare with me.
back in the days I found a peculiar relationship between two bands that usually aren't put together. I'm talking about the
of montreal
and the
notknownsasmuchastheydeserve lilys. the first don't need much of a presentation, I suppose. for the second you may have to dig in an advertisement of levi's jeans back in 1998. yes, exactly, the guys from nanny in manhattan.
now, for the peculiar relationship: back in the days lilys were some folks from san francisco weirdly gettin' out of the post beatnik revival of the middle 90es. there was a lot of lysergic feeling in them, but they were always able to get some good indie pop tunes out of those complicated songs. I love them.
funny thing is that I found the early of montreal taking with both hands from the late lilys, and viceversa.
I know it's complicated, but in my mind, for some strange reason, these two bands started from the same area, and somehow moved towards each other, givin us awesome records.
let me put this nonsense on the timeline.

in Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer? by Of Montreal (2007) I found a lot of Better Can't Make Your Life Better by Lilys (1998), and in Everything Wrong Is Imaginary by Lilys (2006) I found a lot of The Sunlandic Twins by Of Montreal (2005)

wierd, huh?
ok, I know I lost you now.
back to pas/cal. these guys, with their I Was Raised on Matthew, Mark, Luke & Laura (2008) put a record exactly in the middle of this mess.
it's deliciously indie, kindly psychedelic, nicely pop and... guess what? all together slightly confusing. you just put it on and you keep on discovering tunes and parts of the songs that conquer space in your ears.
it's an amazing record, therefore it will never actually make it.
my kinda stuff.


Ol' Man Foster said...

you blog!?

Merry Christmas, you!

d a v i d e said...

I do blog!
and I just decided to start to blog in English, so is good you just found out.

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