Tuesday, 16 February 2010

agile, mobile, hostile

the real, underground, unpretentious rock and roll scene showed me a lot about life. it showed me that it works on his own rules and that these rules don't make sense/apply to the society as we know it. if you ask me, it pretty much goes in anthitesis with it. the more you are a winner, the more you get success, the more you kinda get away from the real rock and roll.
there's people out there whose life is a monument to all this.
Andre Williams is one of them. it's hard to describe him for me and that's why I really love the documentary agile, mobile, hostile. it's more than a documentary, is kinda like "some time spent with him".
it's far from a glorification. it's rough, direct and it doesn't give a strong personal poit of view.
you can watch it here. now. free.

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