Tuesday, 16 February 2010

few considerations and an explanation

this blog is to me a place to "mention" things that to me are worth mentioning.
if there's nothing worth mentioning I don't post anything. I hope this explain my silence since last october.
In november Karin and I got married and and it took me some time to understand what happened in me, how it eventually changed me and so on.
I didn't quite change a bit, probably because I was seriously ready to get married.
Anyway life is at least as good as it was before and couples of weeks ago I happily found myself scouting for bands again, binging documentaries, reading and playing as usually.
so far, a happy lad.
time to share and "mention" things again, good things are gone is back in business.
so, where were we?

a dear friend of ours, actually Karin's madame of honour, managed to capture the feeling of us two getting married.
so there it is, thanks Tiiu.

A dear friend from the other far side of the States managed to write a moving and deep portrait of me. It was a deep emotion and unexpected emotion for me to find this post on his own blog because he has always been a symbol to me, a scale to apply to the way I look at the world and an example of how a life is worth living.
he is to me a "real thing". not a copy, not a character, not an extra. a real thing.

I haven't seen him in years now, we just excange a couple of mails every now and then but I still know we're somehow walking the same path.
I don't know how and why he thought that I was worth a whole post, but I know that he managed to mention all the things I care about. So if you wanted to know more about the person that writes this blog. Click here.

thanks for listening.

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